Free Online Typing Tutor Speed Typing Online

Free Online Typing Tutor Speed Typing Online

Welcome to the world of fast and accurate typing!, powered by JahaSoft Ltd., offers a revolutionary platform for aspiring typists to enhance their skills. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of Rata-Type’s free online typing tutor and speed typing certification. Get ready to transform your typing abilities effortlessly.

Why Choose Rata-Type? stands out as a premier destination for anyone looking to improve their typing skills. Here’s why it’s the top choice among typing enthusiasts:

Interactive Typing Lessons

Embark on an engaging learning journey with interactive typing lessons designed for all skill levels. Rata-Type’s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless learning experience.

Real-Time Typing Tests

Put your newfound skills to the test with Rata-Type’s real-time typing assessments. Track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and achieve your typing goals with personalized feedback.

Certified Diploma in HD Quality

Upon successful completion of the typing course, earn a certified diploma in high-definition quality. This diploma, accredited by JahaSoft Ltd., serves as a testament to your typing prowess.

Convenient and Free of Charge

Access Rata-Type’s extensive typing resources without any cost. Enjoy the convenience of online lessons and tests, all from the comfort of your home.

How Rata-Type Works

Understanding the mechanics of Rata-Type is essential to make the most of your typing practice. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Sign Up for Free

Create your account on for free. Provide basic information to set up your profile and gain access to the platform’s features.

2. Explore Typing Lessons

Dive into a variety of typing lessons tailored to different skill levels. From beginner basics to advanced techniques, Rata-Type covers it all.

3. Take Typing Tests

Put your skills to the test by taking typing assessments. Track your speed, accuracy, and progress over time, and receive instant feedback to improve your performance.

4. Earn Your Certified Diploma

Upon achieving the required proficiency, take the final typing test to earn your certified diploma. Celebrate your accomplishment and showcase your skills to the world.

Here are some key advantages of typing in 2023:

  1. Enhanced Communication: With the rise of digital communication platforms, being proficient in typing allows for clear, concise, and quick communication through emails, instant messaging, and social media.

  2. Increased Productivity: Efficient typing skills enable individuals to complete tasks faster, enhancing overall productivity in both personal and professional settings. Whether it’s drafting documents, taking notes, or replying to emails, typing speed matters.

  3. Improved Job Prospects: Many job roles today require basic to advanced typing skills. Being proficient in typing opens up a wider range of job opportunities and can be a valuable skill on your resume.

  4. Academic Success: Students benefit greatly from typing skills, especially in higher education. Efficient typing can significantly speed up the process of researching, writing papers, and taking online exams.

  5. Digital Creativity: Typing skills are essential for content creators, bloggers, writers, and journalists. Mastering typing allows individuals to express their creativity through various digital platforms, reaching a broader audience.

  6. Effortless Multitasking: Proficient typists can focus on the content they are creating rather than struggling with the mechanics of typing. This ability to multitask effectively enhances efficiency and quality of work.

  7. Access to Online Learning: Many online courses and educational platforms require active participation through typing. Proficiency in typing ensures smooth and effective engagement with these resources, enhancing the learning experience.

  8. Faster Research: Typing skills facilitate quicker and more efficient research. Whether it’s gathering information for work, school projects, or personal knowledge, efficient typing allows for rapid data collection.

  9. Professionalism: In professional settings, accurate and fast typing is associated with professionalism. It reflects a level of competency and can positively influence how you are perceived by colleagues, clients, and employers.

  10. Technological Adaptability: As technology continues to evolve, typing skills remain a fundamental aspect of digital literacy. Proficiency in typing ensures that individuals can adapt to new technologies, software, and gadgets seamlessly.

Absolutely! Rata-Type offers tailored lessons for beginners, ensuring a smooth learning curve for users new to typing.

Yes, the certified diploma issued by, verified and certified by JahaSoft Ltd., holds international recognition, making it a valuable credential for your resume.

Certainly! Rata-Type provides a range of difficulty levels, ensuring a challenge for even the most experienced typists looking to enhance their skills further.

The duration varies based on individual progress. With consistent practice, users can complete the course and earn their certified diploma in a matter of weeks.

Rata-Type offers dedicated technical support to assist users with any challenges they encounter during their typing journey. Reach out for prompt assistance.


Enhance your typing skills and boost your productivity with Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced typist, this platform caters to your learning needs, offering a comprehensive and engaging typing experience. Get started today and pave the way for a faster, more accurate typing future.