Typing Test

Rata-Type Hand

Improves Typing Speed

Typing test is a necessary option for anyone who wants to increase the speed of the typing. We have included the exercises and lessons that can help out everyone to become the master of different topics and improve their typing speed. Whether you are in an office or applying for a job, the exercises you will practice here will easily qualify you for the tests.


70 WPM


50 WPM


40 WPM


In our Typing test feature, we have not made it mandatory for anyone to get into the website and register themselves to use the feature. Usually the service providers include it to send various emails with time to the users. However, we believe that wasting the time of the person is not priority plus we don’t want to attract our visitors through email. So, we have not made it mandatory for anyone to register themselves and use the platform.

Get Certification
for Your Typing Tests

After completing the Typing test, we will provide you a certificate on the screen that you can print on hard format. Later on, you can use the certificate to present in the job interview to secure your position. We have included three categories for the certifications depending upon the speed of the writer. The more speed you have, the best category of certification you will get to print. It also contains the accuracy on the screen, which says how many percent of mistakes you have done in the entire typing test.

How we Calculate
Typing Speed and Accuracy?

The typing speed and accuracy of the person on this platform is very simple to understand. Whatever number of words you are typing in a minute; it will then divide with five. Suppose you have written 200 words in a minute, after dividing it with 5, the actual words according to the calculation comes as 40 words per minute. Meanwhile, the accuracy of the words is based on the number of mistakes you have performed in a minute.

The typing test is only 2-3 minutes long!

You can practice as much as you need.
Simply grab your keyboard and start typing. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to see how fast your fingers really are!
Good luck!