Privacy & Terms

After you get into and use it for personal or office-related purposes, you need to follow the rules/guidelines of the platform. So, below you will get a brief idea of everything.


Available content on the Website:

You are not allowed to copy whatever you see on the website, whether it’s the feature or informational content. If we saw you have stolen our data, we are liable to block you and would take legal action if we found similar information on other platforms.


What is the information We collect?

Although we don’t collect any advanced information from the users since there is no log-in or sign-up feature on the website, you visit the website as a normal user, learn the lessons, and go back without any footprint on the platform. That’s how it’s all working.


However, we do have advertisements on the website for the sake of managing the finances of the website. So, the advertisement agencies would need your personal information, such as cookies and all other search-related things. It helps them to show you the relevant advertisements on the screen. Moreover, these advertisement agencies are popular and reliable worldwide, so none of your information or data will be un-appropriately used.


If you are not comfortable giving your data to the advertisements, you have the right not to use our services or disallow us to give your information. But you have no right to question us about it.


Pricing and subscription:

We have not initiated any pricing or subscription on our platform. It’s because we don’t want a single penny from the customers who come to learn. We have a per-month financing budget for the website, which we earn from the advertisements on the platform.


However, if we found the need to put subscription or pricing on the use of the website, we have the authority to do it in the future. So, you shouldn’t need to make any objection to it.


Termination of the platform:

We have no plans to turn off the platform for the users. However, people need to find out when it becomes necessary to leave out the things that are not going their way. Therefore, we have the authority to do it whenever we believe it’s right for us. So, nobody has the authority to ask questions about why we are terminating the services on this website. However, we do let you know in advance if we want to do it.


Blocking the Users:

If we found anyone doing negative and harmful activities on the platform, we will not tolerate that. Our expert team members have the entire information of what’s happening on the platform, and they can easily trace the harmful users. We will block you from entering this website if you do it. You will get banned lifetime from the website.


Changes in the Platform:

Change is necessary for everything, just like in nature, where the weather doesn’t remain the same, and the daytime never remains the same, just like the nighttime. Similarly, we want to change the features, Designing, and other website elements with Time. So, nobody should have any objections to it. Whatever we will do, it’s primarily for the betterment of the user experience.


Do we Share your information with others?

Just like we are concerned about our platform privacy, we are equally concerned about the customers. Our strong security structure creation on the website makes it 100 times secure for visitors. So, nothing bad can happen to you when you perform any activity on the platform.