Rata-type is a one stop platform for everyone who wants to improve the typing speed for the purpose of performing tasks quickly or to apply for the jobs where typing speed matters the most. It comes with a variety of features and functionalities, which you need to know about in detail. Therefore, this article is created where you will get all of the information’s about it in the below sections.



In the home section, you will get the entire details related to the website. It will help out every visitor to understand about the purpose of this website along with getting an idea of how you should use it and what are the other important aspects of this platform that can help you out to use it.


In the menu section, you will see different categories that will take you to different pages. Depending upon your needs, you can click on the similar option and get to the page to start typing test or anything else. Right now, it has typing tutor, typing test, blogs, and about section on the menu bar.


You can begin the typing test by clicking on the button “start typing now”. It will take you to the page where you can begin the paragraph for typing test to measure your speed of typing and the accuracy of the typing test.



The typing tutor has included in the website to begin your practice with exercises. It’s for those who have never done typing on the keyboard or are unaware about the typing guidelines.


So, doing these exercises again and again can automatically help the visitors to get used to the buttons. After you think that you have mastered the exercises, you are good to go with the typing tests.



Typing test is for those who are already aware of typing and has done it in the past. It will help them out to know about their typing speed and can print a certificate that will be the core proof of their typing speed. So, it can be easily use in the job interview or anywhere else where its required.


The typing test has various lessons that are of different topics in paragraph format. After you click on the take typing test for free button, the paragraph will appear on the screen and it will ask you to begin the typing test. You can set up the time according to your needs. Now, when the typing test ends; you will get the accuracy and typing words per minute details on the screen in a certificate format that you can print as a hard copy.


Remember, you should enter your real name in the text field so when the certificate generates, it will have your name on it. So, the printing of the certification will be more meaningful for you.


Apart from that, the signature of the owner of this website will be on the certificate along with the date, and the category will be also mentioned for you. So, it will provide a sense that the certification is genuine.



The blogs section will contain different articles that are related to typing. So, it will be helpful for those who want to get some informational content related to the typing world in detail. Every article must give you a brief insight of the list of topics that are beneficial in a variety of ways.



The about section will let you know everything about this platform like the owner and the purpose of this website for the readers.